Tao Tai Chi Studio


                                                       "Art and Culture of Kung Fu"

(For Kids age 5-12 and their Parents)

This class will help students to strengthen both body and mind, improve concentration, foster a happy attitude and heighten creativity in a fun, safe, and relaxed setting.
Students will learn safe, fun and simple Kung Fu techniques which are distilled from 4 typical styles of Chinese martial arts. We will also explore the essential relationship between Chinese calligraphy and Chinese martial art, including the ethics of martial art, the importance of being a good person, and we will provide insight into the history surrounding these movements. 

            Kung fu fan, calligraphy brush, ink and paper will be offered in the class. (No additional cost)

           The goal of teaching kids these basic skills is to empower them to transfer this knowledge to their everyday life.

          This class will be offered at the Tao Tai Chi Studio soon.  Please follow >Tao Tai Chi Studio on Facebook page               for updates.