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Past Promotions:

Winter Tai Chi Class Promotion: Free Tai Chi Top

Dear Students and Friends,

In order to continue my advanced studies with my masters, I will be returning to China shortly.   There will be no classes from 09/26 to 11/11.  I will not only continue the classes at the Roost Studio, but I will also be offering additional new classes at my Tao Tai Chi Studio when I return in November.  For my current students who have ongoing classes and those of you interested in signing up before October 25th for my winter classes.  I will bring back a Tai Chi top for you as a gift.   Please let me know if you will be signing up prior to the 25th of October, and let me know your size.  This promotion only applies for Roost Studio classes.

With a $50 purchase, you will receive:

1. 5 Tai Chi classes at the Roost Studio.

2. A complimentary and authentic Tai Chi top.

3. The 5 classes can be used anytime between 11/14/17 and 3/14/2018.

4. A Tao Tai Chi Studio VIP Card. (It will be opening around November)

How it works:

1. Choose the class schedule at this link>> https://doodle.com/poll/vdymb8fdsi4bby2z

(More Tao Tai Chi Studio schedules and promotions are coming soon.)

2. Drop a $50 check, or cash off at the Roost Studio between 1pm to 7pm on Thursdays through Sundays but before October 25th. Checks should be made out to Roost Studio.

3. To get a proper fit, I need your exact chest/bust size. I will add 4-6 inches to ensure loose movement of garment for practice. Email me at:chinalinkus@gmail.com with the following information:  If you need a roomier size, please indicate.

4. Attend your classes between 11/14/17 to 3/14/2018.

5. You will receive your free Tai Chi top when you go to the class if you email me 1 day prior to.

6. You will receive your Tao Tai Chi VIP card before the studio’s opening day.

Enjoy this beautiful season and see you soon!

Jing Shuai