Tao Tai Chi Studio


Q: Which classes have you taken?

"The Art and Culture of Kung Fu"

Q: What was your experience level when you joined the class?

"My wife, two boys (aged 5 and 7) and I had no experience. We all enjoyed the fact that Jing taught according to our individual level, so our whole family could take part. In the beginning only one of us wanted to go, and now everyone loves the class and looks forward to seeing Jing."

Q: Why did you sign up for a course, and do you enjoy the class and Jing's teaching style?

'We signed up because we wanted to have a positive outlet for the kids energy. Jing is teaching them how to think first, before acting and the values of respect and being thankful. She is doing it in a very positive way. No one ever feels as though they could possibly make a mistake.'

Anything else you want to mention about the benefits of the course?

'We have very shy kids, so there were many classes where they only watched and absorbed Jing’s entertaining, but peaceful style of teaching. They actually learned a lot by having this freedom of not participating initially, which was the perfect path for a trusting relationship to grow. The side effect of these classes are that the entire family has learned some intercultural values and even some Chinese language, which has benefited the children tremendously.'

The Berwing Family are the first family who signed up for my Art and Culture of Kung Fu class for children and their parents.  They are truly wonderful people, and you may find more interesting stories about them from their website: www.monk.farm    -Jing Shuai

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